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윤희태 박사 / Things that do not exist

1. Hello, I’m 윤희태, working on next generation technology consulting.

I completed Perovskite solar cell doctoral degree in Seoul National University Multiscale system energy research department, and currently am in charge of consulting in a block chain company to help out new next generation technology development and application with various start-ups.

The original Perovskite is generally known solid form 1st generation solar cell, silicon-based 2nd generation silicon solar cell and organic and inorganic material based 3~3.5rd generation solar cell.

To make it easier to understand, it is the next generation solar cell which is flexible and partially transparent that can be used on building windows or curved walls.

2. Denaturalization of experimental samples

The Perovskite that I studied as my research during doctoral degree is very sensitive to humidity.

There was a time in summer in which the glovebox, a storage that humidity and oxygen rate can be controlled, had a leak with sample placed inside it. Finding out that all samples had changed into transparent form, I was literally mentally broken.

The actual reason was the glovebox malfunction, but I first thought of it as a problem regarding the experimental procedure, so I retried it for several weeks and got the same failures over and over again. That is something that I do not want to remember.

3. Doctoral degree is never easy

I had hard time when it came to meeting with my professor. It was always tense, and I always thought that I could be better. But as I recall it now, those procedures gave me feedbacks on pros and cons of my research and how to systemize my work, making me who I am now.

Research is a competition about theoretically better explaining something that does not exist in this world. It is a field of persuasion of personal belief within endless competition.

Whenever I couldn’t come up with my own story, research topic or how to improve my research, I really tried hard to think of something new.

4. Experiment is not your life’s priority.

During my time in the lab, I thought experiment should be my priority above all, but after graduation I realized that it was not. Focused so hard on my research, my life and whole schedule was based on experiment, which led to irregular sleep and dining and eventually unhealthy lifestyle.

I still do have huge respect for all researchers.

5. Life after research

Challenging myself with a new field after long research life was not easy. My friends also said no to it as well.

But I thought that if my intention to move on to a new field with solid objective was real, then the regret I will have by not moving on to it will overwhelm my failure in my current field. I still fail every day, but I intend to continue it as long as I have the interest towards new field.

Through failures, I learn to not fail in the same manner, and my goal is to proceed steadily, rather than a big leap at once. This is the biggest reason why I am with my start-up now.

6. No failure is intended.

Not once, did I intend to fail.

Failures came from the lack of preparation, lack of experience, lack of ability, or incompatibility of environment. Based on past failures, I try to improve as to not repeat those failures again.


윤희태 박사

"Failure is just a process to widen your perspective"

About the interviewee

Researcher in the field of Perovskite solar cell, Seoul National University Multiscale system energy research department

블록크래프터스 컨설턴트


Hvsteresis-free low-temperatue-processed Dlanar perovskite solar cells with 19.1%


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