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곽노현 대표 / Up to 9 government projects at a time

1. Hi, I’m 곽노현, and my experience is processing 9 government projects.

Hello, my name is 곽노현, and I’m the CEO of startup TEEware where we develop security software with TEE technology.

I worked in SK Telecom and SK Planet for about 10 years, and moved on to KAIST information security graduate school doctoral degree which led me to begin this startup

2. Graduate school to ‘take a break’

During my time at SK, people around me told me not to quit on this job, but also many of them wished to resign themselves. I recall there was this rumor about me being tremendously rich.

I spent my first 40-day vacation during my 10 year occupation, and that was when my first child was born. The baby was so cute and I wanted to spend more time with my child, so I thought ‘I could use some break’ and resigned from the so-called major company and entered graduate school.

Actually, I thought having a doctoral degree would help me with my future career.

2-1 From graduate school to startup

I didn’t think about startup when I entered graduate school, but I heard about the monthly financial support I could get if I minored in startup graduate school. I simply thought I could use some money.

So I minored in startup graduate school, then I became certain that my field of work could also be quite a good business, and with the recommendation of my professor I began this startup.

3. 9 government projects in 1 year

I processed various government projects such as TIPS, IITP, National Security Institute and Early Start-up Package. The reason I did all this was because we had our product but almost no income.

I thought I should do something and worked to seize an opportunity, and believed my effort won’t betray me.

But I was wrong. Most startups process 1~2 or 3~4 projects in a year at most, but our company processed 9 in a single year. One time the project manager called me on a phone, crying. Due to the COVID-19 virus our financial situation had changed regarding private contribution, which could be seen as not a big deal but the person processing all that took all the burden and it was not that simple. I felt really sorry for that employee.

3-1 Choice and focus

Handling too much government projects at once was not a good idea. My work was to process the business once the project was set, but I was so focused on ‘getting’ the projects that I didn’t pay attention to the company.

This resulted in increased complaints among my teammates, and I set my mind straight after this. I began to eat lunch and enjoy video games with my teammates as the attempt to improve the team spirit.

4. Need a strategy

Come to think of it, with all those government projects or during the attempts to earn those opportunities, I had no strategy. I was in such a hurry then that I thought having a job would clear all problems – which clearly did not.

If I were to return to that situation, I would definitely advise myself to take time and build a strong strategy.

5. Stepping out to the world

Startup is all about who does what. You need to work on an incomplete project and show it to the world with the people that have the same goal as you.

I am now working on product renewal and development to show this to the world as I want it to be. I won’t be hasty, and I will make sure our project doesn’t go off the course that we set. Cheers to all startup personnels.


곽노현 대표

"9 projects in a year - it ‘seems’ like a success"

About the interviewee

1998~2003 Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, POSTECH

2003~2005 Master degree in Computer Science, KAIST

2015~ Doctoral degree in Computer Science, KAIST

2005~2011 Software development in SK Telecom Inc.

2011~2015 Software development in SK Planet Inc.

2018~ CEO of TEEware

R&D along with 2 projects for Public-Private Cooperation based ICT Startup foundation

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